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2005. Acrylic on particle board. The painting was made one early morning of socializing. As this idea had come to me as i drove home,I couldn't sleep because this image was so engraved in my head, that i just had to do it. This is one of my favorite pieces. One, that i had put all this craziness into and turned out well. This piece has shown in two shows and including Mexico.

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Victor M. Muheddine is of Lebanese-Mexican Descent. Born and raised in El Paso, he has been raised into the Mexican culture. Although, he does not really focus alot of his artwork on traditional works, he focuses more on the cartoon style images, which he has grown accustomed to. Not much for realism, he focuses his brushes towards his imagination and random thoughts of life. Besides working with painting, he also dabs in sculptures and writing. Currently, he is collaborating with other artists' to make his writings come to life. One day, he wishes to bring out artists who cannot see for themselves the creativity and joy their art brings to the community. He has donated his art and time to several charities around El Paso. He also participates in several galleries and wherever they appreciate the arts. States that his works have shown in include Oregon, New Mexico,Texas and Cd. Juarez,ChiuhuaMexico. Make sure to expierience with him ' The Skulls of Tomorrow' , pieces of work which depict his own acceptence that death is unavoidable and can come at any moment. For any charitable events, feel free to contact him anytime. 'Life has just started for me.' Support the Arts.