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Take Me Slow

. Released November 2005. Produced by Robbie Parrish. Recorded at SugarHill Studios, Houston, TX. Engineered by Andy Bradley, Steve Christensen,

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To say that Ray Younkin was brought up in a musical environment is a gross understatement. His mother was a piano major at Radford, and his father led a band called the Young Internationals throughout high school. Music was always in abundance in the house, and Ray was exposed to it all at a very young age. From the sonatas of Beethoven to anthems of the E Street Band, Ray absorbed everything he heard, and developed a passion before he knew how to multiply and divide. At the age of seven, he acquired his first guitar, and the rest was history At the age of sixteen, he performed publicly for the first time, and shortly thereafter joined his first band. 1995 gave birth to Gordian Knot - a Celtic/Pop group that helped transform the genre in Houston. For three years, Ray was a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and arranger for the group, and toured with them nationally. From large festivals to small pubs, they thrilled audiences with their harmonies and unique arrangements. Gordian Knot released 2 studio albums: A Midsummer Knots Dream ..1996.. and Jenny Adair ..1997.., and appeared on a handful of compilation discs. It was during this time period that Ray met acclaimed producer..drummer Robbie Parrish, and forged a working relationship that would transcend every project with which Ray aligned himself. In 1998, Ray left the group to pursue his solo career. His first solo album, 1000 Years ..1999.. was completed shortly after his departure from the group, and was received extremely well as a first endeavor. During the next three years, Ray performed at a variety of coffee shops, bars, clubs, and festivals, but still had the band bug biting him from time to time. In 2002, he once again joined Robbie Parrish in The Cry, a melting pot of Houston talent. From jazz and classical to punk and rock, The Cry did it all. The same year, the band released a CD Under the Moon to critical acclaim. They continue to thrive today even as the members pursue individual success. In late 2004, Ray and Robbie went into the studio to record Rays second solo effort, Take Me Slow. After nine years of performing together, Robbie took the producers chair, and with a wealth of talent constructed the finest example of Rays music to date. Recording 26 songs, they trimmed the album to twelve, with more than ample material for another record. Houston songwriter Ken Gaines has said of Ray, Ray Younkin is one of the most prolific writers we have in town. Maintaining such a compliment has never been easy, but continues to be a welcomed and enjoyable challenge.