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Libra Stars

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Jason Eustice is an artist of various form. He is a published photographer, writer,and poet. He is also an internationally distributed filmmaker, an the frontman of a theatrically fuel rock band for which he crates his own stage props based on classic carnival dark ride elements. Jason's Photography mainy focus's on nature, scenic views, Wildlife and historical subject matter as well as his love for roller coasters. Eustice's Love for roller coasters is also displayed within his paintings and sculpture. Jason beleaves that a roller coasters is an artform of its own, almost a sureal scuplture you can ride. In jasons paintings you can see a little surealism within the visions of actuall exsisting rides. His paintings are not all roller coaster art though, He also loves to paint nature and abstract and somtimes very dark imagry as well. He doesnt aproach his dark side of his art as 'horror' or 'gothic' art as one may think, Instead he reaches into his dreams for insperation. Jason's Band Baybee Invincble is both campy and dark visually but musically it refreshens your senses to what rock and roll is and has always been about! Jason Eustice really spans the gamut in creating and exploring his inner self through art. - Photography-Short Story- Poetry-Film-Paintings-Sculpture-music-furniture making-etc etc etc. he will try it all!