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Limo drive

cyber-flix film number 2 of 7 showing Elvi the Art God at the event AWESOME.

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* E L V I * is the tetragrammaton for Magick, Philosophy, Religon, Science, Creation, Existence in 1. Enclosed within the 4 letters of MY NAME are 7 secret anagrammical words that convey the exact UMEUS BenoQuintessence of the ART GOD .. THE * I V L E * TETRALOGY [ My magnum opus ]. THE ICON OF NON-HUMANITY lives and breathes UNREALity behind the hills in the Down-Underworld, Home of the ELVI KINGDOM. It is special providence that ELVI was born on the 16th of September 1977 in Perth, Western Australia [The most isolated capital city on the planet]. This chosen fate of invisible subsistence has allowed *all is ill* every wish to be granted true. From the ASOCIAL to the AMORAL... VILE. The ELVI-ART is the residue that bleeds from such an existence. Ownership of all interviews/ statements, answers, wills of FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions], Artworks, videos/ films, names and likeness owned and copyright protected by Elvi. The ELVI EMPIRE owns Sole and Exclusive right to use or publish [Elvi's] names, likeness, personality, life story, Artworks or incidents therein. The illegal Use or Publication of any story about Mr. Ivle [Elvi] and his Art would appear to invade such rights, even if the matters therein are assumed to be factually accurate. Copyright ? Elvi for the ELVI EMPIRE 1977 - 2006. All rights reserved. Western Australia.