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The Alphabet and what it means to us!Book People will not sell this book!


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we are the best press is a small publishing company that makes known the works of javier arista and elizabeth krieg. these are poetry books that test and expand the boundaries of the literary world. javier and elizabeth have been collaborating poetically for three years and have produced five books together. javier has produced two solo literary projects as well. some of the pieces from these books have been incorporated into dance performances with the help of RAD, a local anarchistic dance company. the content of the books hais been progressively vicious, each book builds upon the ideas and nuances of the previous ones. education, sex, the ruthless relationship between man and nature, deteriorating social structure, the supposed relevance of love and hate, mental liberation of varying kinds, and wild intoxication are among the topics discussed among our literature. we are the best press seeks global domination through mental awareness and values experience above all other forms of philisophical know-how.