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2004 acrylic on carved raised panel...rustic dental molding on inside of handmade frame...fondle friendly textures and carved insets of crucifixion...ispirational piece...loads of energy!! This is my trademark piece and it goes without saying that this piece symbolizes my love for the virgin that is recognized and prayed to the world over. My Love!

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Mario Robert lll is an artist from El Paso Texas, and is also a fourth generation carpenter. Mario's use of vibrant colors makes his work exciting and enjoyable. Using the wood 's own grain and knots Mario first developes the main idea of the painting. He then carves and paints the wood and is able to convert his simple materials into stunning art pieces. Each piece is an explosive colorful experience that does not end with the kinetic visuals. Mario creates textures carved into the wood that allows the viewer to experience the piece with a friendliness to the human touch. Following the folklore, he begins to add his new take on a very old tradition bringing it to levels that have never been, telling and creating new stories without words.His work can be found in numerous private collections and has had various artshows through the years. He has exhibited in numerous galleries in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Illonois, Oregon, the Museo del Chamizal in Cd. Juarez, Chih. Mexico, Argentina, S.America, and overseas in Rotterdam,Netherland. He currently resides in Portland Oregon where he continues to conserve and observe energy to further his practice of intent and human awareness.He also paints all day to the sounds of music. Enjoy the 'fondle friendly' works of Mario Robert The Third.