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Step By Step Mammoth Marketing Campaign

It is very easy to join up as affiliate, or buy an instant business website. With a little know-how, it is even easier to develope your own website and set it up to sell something. The problem comes with a lack of traffic and click throughs that translate into sales. This book is aimed at people trying to market their website, who have little or no experience with online marketing. Attempting to market without guidelines can result in costs exceeding income, and hours not translating inot time well spent. Jane Flowers has years of experience that will aid anyone.This title is not yet available as an ebook for editing purposes but interested readers can view the main contents by visitng the marketing campaign page of Jane's website at


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Jane Flowers has published two fiction books based on fact. Eshaya Moya Winds-Spirits, is based on the difficulties young people encountered when an entire generation had to adjust to a new political era in South Africa following the release of Nelson Mandela. The second book is Blood Of The Sacred, a book interwoven with the traditions and myths of the Tonga people of Zimbabwe, and the current policital crisis in the country. These books are both a fascinating insight into African culture and legend. Jane is an accredited journalist with the Australian news Agency, and freelances articles on sustainable utilization of renewable conservation resources.She is also a successful home-based network marketer. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa, and now living in New Zealand, her writing is currently aimed at assisting people new to the internet marketing world.Current works include a full-length non-fiction book which is being considered by Jonathan Ball Publishers in South Africa.