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This oil painting depicts a fairly flattened image of a young woman in strong light dispaying her strenth. I was intrigued at this models proud reresentationof herself through the bitch word. I began to think of the use of the word in the modern youth culture and and realized it could aply to everyone on some level. This painting led to a series of 12 handmade multiple bitches that vary insmale was to creat their own statement. I love that they are the same, yet differ.

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My life is all about process. Its the getting there that interests me. My art is similar in that I like the process of making something from nothing. Ive spent years landscaping and building a cabin in the woods, as well as doing artwork, and I love taking a bare piece of nothingness and making it something, walk away and dont look back. I strive for a nice finished product, but its the getting there that keeps me going.m not interested in pretty. Be real. Painting is paint on a surface. Any materials, for that matter, have their own essential being, and bring that spirit to the work. I look for that material to speak to me, say something to the viewer, and say whatever it wants. My work is mostly figure ground relationships. Ive been drawn to the figure all my life.Im interested in the drama of life and living, and the endless possibilities of the interaction or isolation we encounter. Im not looking to represent surface reality, but rather emotional or spiritual reality. I want to get under the skin and see whats going on. I like to represent that with whatever materials Im using.