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In The Dark - Purple Face

This is Oils on primed messonite board.I painted it in my studio in complete darkness. It was very interesting and disorienting painting without any light source at all. I guess you could say it made me dizzy in a good kind of way. I didn't pick any colors out before turning the lights off...just placed my board down and dipped my hand into the bucket of paints.

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I Paint a lot at concerts, in my studio, and just about everywhere I can. Feeding off the energy of a good musical group is truely amazing and definitly gives a totally unique quality to the finished paintings. I've been painting for years and it is what consumes most of my free days and evenings. Anything else you want to know about me can either be asked or found out by looking into my art and reading into it whatever you want.Just please remember that what I do not only trancends time and space it also is meant to bend and stretch your mind...these are representations of what I see and feel...not mearly mirror images of a flat 2 dimentional world in which we live.Peace, Sean