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The Basics: The original painting is acrylic on 34 plywood. Its creation took about 7 hours and it was painted in the Epoch parking lot during Artopium's first roving party. Copper wire in back for mounting.History: This painting is entirely random. I just doodled until it stopped sucking. In the process I figured out a few techniques I'd like to use in future paintings.

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Hi y'alls. So I guess first off, thanks Mike for making this badass site. Wow. You're cool. And br Okay, so now for bio-stuff. Well, I moved to Austin from San Angelo 5 years ago. In that time I've animated for a few studios and I've done some illustration too. If you're really interested in all that, I have more info concerning past projects on my website: Right now my day job is working for a company as a contracted web desginer. In other words, I spend a lot of time at coffee shops. It's cool, and I like what I do, but I do miss the studio environment. Okay, well, thanks for reading all this. Maybe I'll see ya at Epoch.