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The Basics: K is for... is an ink drawing that was digitally colored. History: I drew 'K' for the Alphabet Show at The Stash. Like with Gluttony, I decided to break away from my usual nouveau-type inking style in favor of for this cartoonyvinatage look. K is for kitchy. Anyway, I was all pleased with myself over this piece and then the Stash informed me that they the show was full and they didn't have room for me! Sad day. That's okay though. I'm glad this piece was created. I like it.

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Hi y'alls. So I guess first off, thanks Mike for making this badass site. Wow. You're cool. And br Okay, so now for bio-stuff. Well, I moved to Austin from San Angelo 5 years ago. In that time I've animated for a few studios and I've done some illustration too. If you're really interested in all that, I have more info concerning past projects on my website: Right now my day job is working for a company as a contracted web desginer. In other words, I spend a lot of time at coffee shops. It's cool, and I like what I do, but I do miss the studio environment. Okay, well, thanks for reading all this. Maybe I'll see ya at Epoch.