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Toe Tag

The original buyer of this piece actually made out pretty well in my opinion. In addition to the actual painting, he got my footprint, my social security number and a sweet inscription on the back. Then, he gave it back to me. The new buyer must be able to appreciate this painting's history and insane irony. Reads, "You might as well."

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I was born and raised in Austin, Texas along with the majority of my family. I finished my first painting at the age of 14 using acrylics. About 6 years later, I moved on to oils and have been using them since, with a few mixed media pieces in between. I have I often paint in spurts, producing 2 or 3 pieces a month for a few months, then, not painting at all for two or three years. I have been known to do collage work, mosaic tiling, yarn work, carvings and clay sculpture at these times. I continue to produce art not only for my own mental and emotional health, but also in the hopes that I may continue to provoke emotions and ideas in others. Each piece is inspired by real events, people, and experiences, both pleasurable and painful, therefore, I have no regrets. While browsing, Please keep in mind all prices exclude frames. I am, however, happy to include them in the purchase for a small fee.