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9z. Serpent Girl

This was the 3rd piece that I made back in 2001. There is actually a border that goes around this whole image, but since it is mine, I still have some things I am working on on it... Some projects take a really long time for me to complete... :

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Hello, my name is Stormy and I am making my attempt to be an artist... ok, maybe the term "Visual Philosopher" would work out better since I simply translate other people's designs into my medium and don't draw my own. I was born into a family in which both of my parents and my sibling are all very talented in the art department and I was the athlete. hmmm.... yes, I was a good bit jealous! lol but now I do pyrography wood burning and though I struggle to see it as artistic, I hear that it is. <p>Pyrography is the art of writing with heat into wood or leather and has been around for a very long time. Pyrography is very time consuming as each individual line is placed onto the medium. And, ya know, even though it is time consuming and tedious, I truly enjoy the time that I get to spend working on it.<p>Here are some of the works that I have created recently and through out the years. I tend to only make items that I find visually pleasing and because of this I have a very hard time parting with items that I have made... which is why my prices may seem high.<p>I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!<p><font color="purple"><b>I Hope That You Have A Most Wonderful Day!<p>Blessings, Bliss, Light, & Love!</font>