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Demo 3




Vesper's third recording, <i>Demo 3</i> includes three tracks: Break, Skyfalls, and Waterfall.<P><i>Recieve a free Vesper button when you purchase this disc!</i><P><B>SOLD OUT</B>

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Vesper is Gil and Michael Casares. The brothers came together in 2005 to create music that would free them from specific genres. Though largely undefined, Vespers music draws on ideas that range from new wave to indie, electronic, and post-punk. These being the only two that comprise Vesper, Gil plays a tier of keyboards while his voice saturates the music and mystifies the audience Michael wields the guitar with its austere resonance. Vespers music is catchy, innately dark, and elaborate.Vespers fan base is steadily growing. Their first studio release is forthcoming later this year.