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AUDIOPIUM vs. Jano (Thing) Selectos pt. 1 LIVE @ DV8 I




AUDIOPIUM vs. DJ LIVE @ DV8 INTERSEX EXHIBITIONNOTE: THIS RELEASE IS A TEXTURE PIECE FOR BRAINWAVE SYNCHRONIZATION AND IS NOT "DANCEABLE" IN ANY TRADITIONAL SENCE THOUGH IT COULD WORK FOR CREATIVE DANCE MOVEMENT ETC.COME TO OUR SHOWS AND GET A FREE CD WHILE THEY LAST!AUDIOPIUM recently played: DRUMZ, Shock Value Environmental Festival Texas Roller Girl's Cinco De Mayo Festival, DV8, Ruta Maya, The Pavilion, Green Muse SXSW, Space Dub til Ruby Dawn Ararat, Hot Mamas and small and large private parties indoors and out. You play Super Tech Voodoo guitar - RasikuDefinitely different!, Definitely Different! Wow anonymous concert goer"Miles Davis's Bitches Brew meets Return to Forever" - Marcus TharpExperiencing AUDIOPIUM is like dancing to an action film sound track anonymous concert goer"Your CD and live sound are soo0O0o funky, like those "beat & sample" discs that DJs buy. anonymous concert goer" You sound go0OO0od, very professional, with funky energy". -Mrs. Laval White the legendary Soul & Blues singer"I received a telepathic communication transmission from your lead guitar" anonymous concert goer"You play with feeling" ... "You took me somewhere"... Weird but great Sebo "I didn't like or respect electronic music until I saw you guys tonight, because, I can see there's some serious musicianship going on". - Dutch Pink of Black Molly"Hi! This is Diantha, who sang with AUDIOPIUM at the Three Tides on your North East tour, just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and memories of singing with you are like remembering paradise. Seriously, from someone who hasn't done drugs in years, I forgot what being high could be like. Please keep up the beautiful creative work" - Diantha"I was really getting into the song "ALLIFE" and I really liked your guitar sound at the 3 Tides gig, by the way, it was a while before I became aware of it as separate from the overall blend, but was fascinated by the particular voice you were using, sort of fuzzy and chiming, almost like an electrified dulcimer. - Lucinda B.AUDIOPIUM--one of a kind--think early Sun Ra meets David Gilmour and goes abroad--dub it n' play it loud - Martin of Grimmy Styles

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Rock out to Dance inducing Afro-Space Dub - Trance- Acid Jazz - Phunky - DJ - Highlife.AUDIOPIUM play's a wide dynamic range of venues from the ambient quietude of art openings to dance parties, cafe's, and restaurants to rocking the Texas Roller Girls Cinco de Maya festival, indoor and out door open air privet and public events such as SPACE DUB til RUBY DAWN RAVE. AUDIOPIUM like the Funky Meters and the JBs is easy to listen to and is extremely danceable. Grounded in the traditional roots of Acid Jazz, Afro-Dub, GOGO and Highlife an uplifting mix of Euro - Western blues and jazz motifs, played on guitar and horn over African rhythms, made popular by King Sunny Ade is original, cutting edge and experimental, yet highly accessible and dance oriented. AUDIOPIUMS Funk - Soul - Jazz - Reggae Ska Space Dub is filled with original melodies and highly accessible grooves, rhythms, break beats and polyrhythm. AUDIOPIUM is a trance-fusion ensemble born of improvisational instrumentalists, writing and performing mostly original music with its ranks expanding at times, as does "Massive Attack", to feature various special guest artists. The whole joint was inspired by years of study with West African Tribal Drum Masters, Space Dub derived from Reggae King Tubby, and Adrian Sherwood of the once industrial dub band "Tackhead Sound System" and now "African Head Charge", who performs on the mix board as if its musical instrument in 2005. AUDIOPIUM's ethereal guitar licks by DTune Founder of AUDIOPIUM, producer and session player: Sage Siddhah, Daniel Llanes, MCO band, Ruta Maya house band, MC Shake Da Preachaman, Black Ribbon, Small Box, Life of Sport, ZN noyzwerks, Lannaya and That Eternal Desire have been compared to David Gilmore of Pink Floyd, Robert Fripp, Fred Frith, Reese of David Bowies Tin Machine, Jazz legends: Al Dimiola, Pat Metheny and Sun Ra paired with the legendary muted trumpet stylings of Sound Dr. Victoria Esperanza: Playing trumpet is how I spread my love. Seven Seals, Diasporic, Big Chief Kevin, D. Madness, and Alison Brause orchestra harp, mountain dulcimer, hand percussion emit inspired melodies which elude to, many familiar dance inducing riffs, constructed on the monstrously funky bass hooks of Zeek around a framework of phenominal breaks by Q- Bist Trap Set and African Djembe, the show provides a foot tapping, head bobbing continuum of aural delights drawing on studies with experimental classical composers and scoring for film. Experiencing AUDIOPIUM is like dancing to an action film sound track that alludes to and interpolates many familiar dance-inducing motifs. Although AUDIOPIUMs ranks are producers and studio musicians working in many other projects, Were our favorite band....end of trace mission.