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acrylyc & assembage on canvas with functional light

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DAVID has aB.F.A. Sculpture Honers R.I.S.D.MASTER of SCIENCE in Visual Studies M.I.T.Drawing, painting and carving traditionally, representational figures and formal works have led to explorations in technology, content and constructed hybrids in a search to create new meaning they are conceptual and complex or simple and emotive but, the primary theme is philosophical thought manifestations, in combination and connection, as a subtext to contemplative and sometimes humorous forms.Multimedia /Art / Audio / VideoArchitecture / Design / RestorationSurreal, Erotic contemporary, works in oils, watercolor, acrylic, ink, mixed and alternative two dimensional media and traditional carving in wood, stone. Multimedia found and modified object sculpture and assemblage. Work in light, laser and video projection andsound installation. david received his BFA with Honors in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design, his M.S.Vis.S. from Center for Advanced Visual Studies MIT and while achieving his Master of Science in Visual Studies under the Department of Architecture in the Music and Cognition Group he taught graduate level computer graphics, film sound and semiotics at the MIT Media Lab. His visual explorations are in private collections, galleries, museums, urban and environmental settings. He has scored and produced music and sound effects for art installations, 1st & 2nd placing works G.E.D. and PANSPERMIA, in the world wide computer graphics competition SIGGRAPH, industrials, indie shorts placing in the Red Film Festival, China and the feature film "Barn of the Blood Llama" which has become a cult classic in Australia. David studied years of traditional tribal African drumming with African drum and dance masters Alseny Sylla, Ibrahima Diabate and Mohamed Camara. He is founder of the art, media and music group ZN "zee, en" COLLECTIVE, teaches Anankara Butoh the Japanese dance of darkness characterized by extremely slow movement having studied under Djarlma Primordial Science, choreographed and created the collaborative works: TREESCRYPAPERFATHOMS at Art outside Austin 2007. TRANPSYRENATION at the Space Gallery, Portland, "FF>> Duet for Piano, Hydraulic lift and Volume F" at the Portland Museum of ArtPLASTEROTICATHEDRAL at IMBY 75 artist festival ME, outdoor performance, INTERWHOMAKASEBLEVEYOR at Bolm Studios Gallery,PLASTEROTICATHEDRAL video stills at Concordia University "ALTEROTICOM" w/ Butoh performance at The Space theater,Coy De Coy XYZ Axis - Assemblage table legs and decorative decoys INTERICUBATAVAYOR inter-incubate-a-vayor - Assemblage paint, brush, beaker, sugar, mannequin hand, wool, wood, modified science lab incubator and digital light sequencer PAPERTRAILOFTEARS Installation shredder, 1.5 miles of paper and pin spot.