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Metatron: The Voice of God

"The Archangel Series" is the product of vast amount of research, thought and passion. An attempt to represent these archetypes of warriors and mystery-keepers. They are all detailed pencils, digitally enhanced, and printed in monochromatic color on gold parchment. They include the individual archangel's seals and greek as well as celestial angelic script of the hebrew terms depicted there. These prints include a description sheet which details the individual archangel as well as information on the series.Metatron is often argued to be as important or more so than Michael. With examination, however, one can see that whereas Michael leads the angelic armies, Metatron is the keeper of all records. Therefore, their jobs differ greatly. Metatron is said to be the keeper of the greatest secrets, and it is usually he who speaks for God. He is best known as the voice of the burning bush which Moses encountered, as well as the pillar of smoke and fire which led the Hebrews out of Egypt.

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With over 20 years of experience as a freelance commercial and fine artist, Jay French is very much a part of the Austin art scene. Taking the local phrase "Keep Austin Weird", Jay French states that his work has been "Making Austin Weird Since 1988".Jay French has produced art for over 300 companies and almost twice as many private clients. Primarily a figure artist, Jay has a vast range of styles and methods in commercial art, including caricature, portraiture, fantasy portraiture, murals, logo design, graphic design, book illustration, erotic art and more.As a fine artist, Jay concentrates primarily on the Fantasy Art realm. Working in mediums from prismacolor pencil, pen & ink & acrylic paint, to Photoshop airbrush and digital painting.Both fine & commercial art have stretched from local notice to contracts and purchases as far as Australia, Columbia, Austria, Brittain, India, Norway, Poland and more.Jay French is also currently illustrating hundreds of figures for the upcoming "Shard" role-playing game of animorphic characters.Still up and coming, Jay French is just beginning to reach a world-wide audience!