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The Adventures of Sailor Sam

The Adventures of Sailor Sam tells the story of a farm cat who is forced to leave home after a misunderstanding. A ships captain takes pity on him and he begins a new life on board as Sailor Sam. Some of the sailors do not understand that cats are mainly nocturnal and soon begin to complain that Sam is lazy. To prove them wrong, he decides to steer the ship at night to speed them to their destination. Alas, cats are not known for their map-reading skills and his actions have humorous and unexpected consequences. Where will the ship end up and will Sailor Sam be forgiven?I am donating proceeds from this book to the Riverhaven Elderly Cat Welfare shelter in Devon, UK, which cares for abandoned elderly and disabled cats for the rest of their natural lives. A percentage of the proceed of this book will be donated to the Riverhaven Elderly Cat Welfare Shelter in Devon which cares for abandonned elderly and disabled cats for the rest of their natural lives.My tabby, Samson, was the model for 'Sailor Sam' and friends and relatives were drafted in to play the human characters. The bright and detailed illustrations were created with gouache and acrylic ink.All books will be signed and include a complimentary photo of Samson.


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Self-publishing children's book author and illustrator. Angela Cater was born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire in 1967 and has been painting all her life. As a mature student, she took the Foundation course in Art and Design at Chesterfield College of Technology and Arts, before studying on the BTEC HND in Design and Advertising at Doncaster College.She now lives in Manchester with a family of elderly cats who have been regular models for years. They appear as many characters in her bright, gouache and coloured pencil illustrations. Handsome Samson, who at the grand age of 16 won third place in a competition to find the worlds cutest pet, is now the star of his own childrens book as the character cat Sailor Sam in The Adventures of Sailor Sam published by Tabby Cat Press. Rickie the Raccoon Learns about Recycling was the first story illustrated by Angela, who is currently working on a second Rickie Raccoon story to teach road safety.Angela is a signature member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society and editor of their quarterly newsletter, Talking Point.