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[TRANSLATED] Fire Staff: Sage during 2007

Clip of Sage's fire staff performance during the Sangre del Sol fire show at Mercury Hall in Austin, Texas during 2007 SXSW.

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Sangre del Sol is a unique troupe of fire dancers that formed in Austin, Texas and have been performing together and inspiring others worldwide for over 10 years. Some of the events and groups they have performed for include: Cirque du Soleil, Austin Enchanted Forest, Tantra Fest NC, Zen Fest TX, Nocturnal Wonderland CA, Electric Daisy Carnival TX, Red Bull, Rabbit in the Moon, Tool, Perry Farrel, Rev. Horton Heat, Texas Roller Derby, Kan'Nal, Govinda, Atash, Oliver Rajamani, El Circo, End of the World Circus, Tantin, Lanaya, Mundi Ensemble, and more.Sangr del Sol features stunning and extraordinary costume design and original fire props, with the option of integrating live music and graphic art installation. By fusing primitive and organic aesthetics with modern technology, they captivate the senses and create mysticism while celebrating spirituality and raising awareness.The troupe also hold various "glow" and belly dance performances for events where fire work is not permitted.