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One of my favorite models, Madelyn. I only get to work with her once a year, but it's a delight each time.

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I take beautiful, natural, engaging portraits of people and objects. I am fascinated by space, color, and design and my curiosity can be seen in my work. I often think of what my work would look like if I was blind what am I seeing that I am not capturing? What am I capturing that I am not seeing? <p><br>I love people and am open to finding something I love about every person I meet. I try to express the beauty I see in everyone through my portraits of them, and in fact this is what I get the best feedback about from my clients I often hear "I had no idea I was so beautiful until I was photographed by you." This makes my spirit soar with joy - to show people the beauty that radiates from them is a joy and a blessing.<p>Please visit <a href="">my website</a> for a gallery of images, as well a contact information.