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Trance n Roll Tour

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"The Goddesses of Go-Go Dancing, Super Powered Stage Performers, and Models Extraordinare" Years ago, Jewels realized dance floors across the country were being torn to shreds by a group of gorgeous, talented, sexy dancers. So she gathered all these lovely ladies together and formed the Jezebelles! From fire dancers and booty shakers to stage performers and glowing dance queens, we have them all! The Jezebelles are an energetic dance/performance group of beautiful ladies available for fashion shows, concerts, and events. We do primarily electronic shows, but can adapt to fit any type of event. We are one of the most creative, VERSATILE group out there and one of the most experienced! We have worked hard to be known as one of the best and are known for our professionalism and years of experience. We've danced in some of the largest venues, across four states and counting!, in front of crowds as large as 10,000, and stared in major motion pictures. We are selective in what events we will do, as it is about quality, not quantity for us. From simple go-go dancing to stage performances to choreographed dances, promotion, spinning, decorations,....there isn't much we can't do! We can adapt our show and have so to any preference including, but not limited to, UV shows, goth shows, punk shows, Burlesque shows, fashion shows, stage performances, fire dances, belly dancing, hip-hop, spokespersons, go-go dancing, modeling, anything! The only limit is our imagination, and that is LIMITLESS. We have costumes and props to fit any type of show. We make almost all of our own costumes, so each show is truly unique. We also CATER to the promoter and shows theme, and make our show not only blend and weave into the overall event, but be an eye-grabbing attraction as well. The Jezebelles also can supply award winning DJs for your event, specializing in House and Drum and Bass! We can also help in promotions, hitting the town with beautiful girls to help spread the word about your business! Also, any charities that need help with fashion shows, promotions, etc PLEASE contact us! We are always down to volunteer our services and help the cause! Having the Jezebelles at any show is a great way to help promote your event, bring people in, hype up the crowd, and keep them entertained throughout the night! Talking the talk is one thing, but LIVING up to the expectations is another. We have not only lived up to these expectations, but SURPASSED them every time. You can go with the rest, or be blown away by the BEST! =