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Checkout Counter Superstars

Checkout Counter Superstars is the clash of 2 titan DJs from Atlanta - DJ B-Naut vs. Drifter. <br><br>Throughout this amazing 80 minute DJ mix you can hear both these mixmasters duel it out on 4 turntables! <br><br>In one corner of the stage, you have Drifter with his funky and poppy disco driven club anthems. On the other side of this coin, B-Naut lures you into a false sense of security on the dancefloor before he pummels your ears and psyche with the hard rocking guitars and Electro House he's used to wow parties all over the nation.<br><br>This is underground clubbing at its best! Two DJs. FOUR turntables. All your favorite remixes from Prodigy, DJ Kool, MJ, Krafty Kuts, and more! <br><br>Released:2006

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DJ B-Naut is an independent remix artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Fans can always look forward to hearing only the hottest of underground remixes from: DJ Icey, DJ Tisto, iio, Aphrodite, 50Cent, Missy Elliot, Prince, NIN, Lords of Acid, and so much more. DJ B-Naut blends non-stop steroid injected Trance, House, Drum & Bass, Cassic Rock, Party Favorites, Hip Hop, Hardcore, Retro Rave, 80's Classics, and Florida Breakbeats with a rainbow of computer animations into every show he plays. If you get a chance to hear him live, you are in for a treat. Dont miss his mind blowing performance! <BR><BR>In 1993, DJ B-Naut began learning how to spin using a DJ system he gathered from broken equipment he found in local yard sales and a very used mixer from Radio Shack a friend had given him as a gift. Armed with only a handful of records he found in the Georgia country side, plenty of free time on his hands, and a few rolls of duct tape for quick repairs, he took the first step in achieving his dreams of acquiring cult fame status. <BR><BR>In 1996, B-Naut landed his first club residency at Tsunamis Music Complex on the Water in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. During his residency in Florida, his family ran a local car stereo shop which gave him a new lust for the booming booty-shaking bass rhythms you know him to mix today. <BR><BR>In 1998, he moved back to Georgia to revisit his roots as a DJ. Mark Bell a.k.a. DJ 43, a pioneer of the Athens DJ scene saw promise in the young B-Naut. Thanks to Bell, B-Naut soon gained residency at Athens Music Factory to play weekly for the party thirsty crowd of the University of Georgia. In October 1999, he played live on WUOG Radio's Essential Rhythms Athens, GA and began wider club exposure around the East Coast. <BR><BR>Since his humble beginnings, DJ B-Naut has toured the East Coast playing miscellaneous raves, entered and placed in local DJ competitions, and sci-fi festivals. B-Naut has played for the masses at DragonCon 2001, Fantasm 2002, DragonCon 2002, DragonCon 2003, and DragonCon 2004. You could also catch him spinning parties all over Atlantas hottest party districts from week to week. <BR><BR>Now in 2007, B-Naut is a seasoned veteran with a killer instinct in the art of crowd moving. Also associated with the Star Children, and The Speaker Freaks, DJ B-Naut is rocking dance floors all around Atlanta and beyond. Currently, he owns, designs for and runs 42MegaTon Productions which is a new Web design and music production / live event management collective based in Atlanta and Knoxville. His limited edition mix CD titled, Southern Fried & Extra Crispy vol. 1 was released in August 2003 and has received much critical acclaim. B-Nauts second independent underground CD release, "REVERT: Revenge of the 80's Remix", was released in August 2004 much to the anticipation of his devoted fans. A collection of B-Naut's remix works released in late Summer 2005 known as Eat Mor Dee Jas is his first step into becoming a world class producer. Most recently, B-Naut has created several 4-turntable full length mix CDs including "Remember Tonight" with Trance and Electro House DJ Barry Elliot of VA Beach and Checkout Counter Superstars self-titled mix with Atlanta local favorite, Drifter. Last, but certainly not least, newly signed girl group sensation recruited B-Naut to remix their first single release on Universal Records, "Wild and Stupid" available at a and iTunes near you.