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Ghost Roads

<P><center><font size="1"><i>"I am reborn here. <br>In this conscious, in this body.<br>I am breathing beneath the sun,<br>a star that shines like all the others,<br>but kind to stay it's wrath.<br>I awaken on this planet amid those<br>who've forgotten or those usurped<br>by our times. Lost in this dissention<br>I have become like a fish swimming<br>against the current.<p>Leaping, flying--I've become divided."<P>--New Paths</i></font></center><p>Order the new release <u>Ghost Roads</u>, poetry by Michael Aaron Casares. <u>Ghost Roads</u> features 29 poems and is a reflective volume of poetry shifting through the silence of quiet San Antonio.<b><P><font color="gray">NOW AVAILABLE!</font></b><BR><b>Release date: November 20, 2008</b>


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