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Vegas Implosions!

<p><CENTER><font size="1"><i>"There should be a motel called<BR>The Scarlett Letter Inn & I could be the concierge,<BR>buzzing in couples that pay with the lint <BR>left in their pockets, a sign in the front window<BR>that flashes Always a Vacancy, Never a Judgment"<p>"This could be the last honest city in America."<P></i> -Honesty in Kitsch IV</font></center><P>Virgogray presents a new volume of poetry by Chris DErrico: <u>Vegas Implosions</u>! The latest release in Virgogray's chapbook series is a collection of witty, socially aware poetry by this East coast native who, now transplanted in Sin City spills his unique view on Vegas. Brutally honest and with a welcoming charm, Mr. DErricos newest offering is sure to be a favorite among poetry readers today and followers of the spoken word circuits!<P> <font color="gray"><b>NOW AVAILABLE</font></b> <BR><b>Release date: December 15, 2008</b>


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