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A surviver of the great industry asteroid that tried to destroy the true art of musical expression, Strange Powers walks heavily through the corporate wasteland, clinging with every dedicated breath to his own musical pieces despite being in the shadow of the post-popalyptic environment that remains.

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Um, hi. I'm Josh "Strange" Powers. I'm a DJ of 14 years, a voice actor, producer, musician, circuit bending freak, comedian, non-comedian, quantum mechanic, decent dancer and make one hell of a rhubarb pie. Ok, everything but the pie. I've never even had rhubarb pie. I'd like to learn to surf one day. I believe in a oneness, and in the energy that binds us all. I've seen tons of crazy wild stuff like U.F.O's and Politics. I've been so deep inside of myself that I became lost. Finding yourself isn't a walk in the park. When I finally found my way again I realized that until you follow your heart, your dreams are pure fantasy. Not attempting to live your dreams is simply living for the machine.