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NuJive Tikal

Helios Jive took a trip to the Mayan ruins in Tikal. See them climb over pyramids and fly through the jungle. Look out for the unexpected natives featuring characters from Lucent Dossier.

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from Matthew F. Smith on Vimeo.Helios Jive is an alluring cocktail of melodic sounds stirred with a jazzy electronic soundtrack emotionally tailored to the masses. Helios Jive was created by composers Rich Alick and Paul Newman and has risen up from the Los Angeles artist underground. The two are now joined by the sultry Latin vocal stylings of Fernanda Karolys. Their unique live performances boast a visual array of acoustic and electronic instruments and a hypnotizing beat that brings people to their feet. Among credits: their debut album "Heliocentric" was chosen "Best Independent Jazz Album " at the L.A. Music Awards '05. Their inspirational vision is currently capturing the attention of audiences at venues all around the United States including the Coachella festival and Burning Man festival. Their life experiences are fused by the invention of refreshing thematic music that supports a new generation of worldwide unity.