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Yes, trees.

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Pop art. Neo-impressionism. Japanese post-industrial minimalism. Primitive expressionism. All these styles- and some that haven't been named yet- can be found in the work of artist Douglas Blamy.<br><br>A self-taught artist, Douglas has been creating since childhood, experimenting with a variety of media, from film and painting to papier-mch and photography. Most recently he has been working primarily in acrylic paint on canvas, acrylic and pastel combinations, and drawings in mixed-media ink with watercolor pencil. His subject matter ranges from abstract landscapes and surreal flowers to pop art toasters and robots, as well as the continuing adventures of his comic character alter ego, Doctor Dread.<br><br>For the past five years Douglas has been making his living exclusively as a street artist, exhibiting and selling his work in Key West and South Miami Beach, Florida; Provincetown, Massachusetts; Venice Beach, California; Portland, Oregon; the islands of Oahu and Maui, Hawai'i; and currently in San Francisco.