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Energizing Citrine Wire-Wrapped Pendant

Stimulating to the Senses, Igniting the Imagination and Intuition, and Nurturing the Free Will of its wearer, this luminescent Citrine talisman is both powerfully medicinal and beautiful to behold.Known to reverse degenerative diseases, Citrine heals your Body by first addressing the cause behind the symptoms, gently dissolving energetic/emotional blockages in your aura. Then, funneling Divine Light into the space that was prior filled with pain, it illuminates and helps you to clarify and feel the power of your own Intention. Your Intention, in turn, determines the power of Citrine's healing qualities.If you suffer with a serious illness, this piece could be worth more to you than any dollar amount I could ask-- IF you are willing to believe in your own power to heal yourself mind/body/soul and recognize that Nature, Art and Spirit are here to help you.This talisman is just as effective as a preventative and general well-being medicine for those of us who are not in severe pain.Charged with my Intention to channel Nature's Consciousness and healing power into my art, this treasure comes with Good Magick included DIMENSIONS:Chain: 19"Pendant: 1 1/4"CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS:The length of the chain can easily be changed. Please specify your preferences in a note to me upon purchase.Thank You!

Materials: None

Gender: Adult Genderless

Color: Grey

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Specializing in healing crystal wire-wraps, metal working and chain construction to create Living jewelry that lovingly responds to your specific energy, empowers you to manifest your Heart's Desires and proudly presents your Unique Radiance to the world while also protecting your aura from harm. Each piece is 100% hand made.My mission is to inject spiritual significance and usefulness into my jewelry designs, making them much more than fashion accessories. There is a shortage of awareness of Sacredness in our world that has always pained me. The collective diversion away from Nature and Her Magic is not an easy current to swim against. However, it is my chosen purpose and passion reawaken this connection, to counterbalance its mass absence and to make my own life worth living.I believe in the Power, Wisdom and Sacredness of Nature, Art and Love. It is my experience that where Sacredness is rejected, Life cannot sustain and Love is no more than role-play. I believe that I have, as we all have, the choice to remember my Sacred Source in every present moment, to build my Life upon its foundations and to help illuminate for others their own inherent Sacredness.The more of us that reconnect to what is Sacred both within us and in Life, the more possible it is to correct the individual and collective patterns which produce pain and suffering.What we wear, like everything we say, think, feel and do, sends a message, not only to other people but also, out into the earth's electro-magnetic field, causing manifest responses to occur. What we wear therefore has a much larger significance and scope of effect than we may generally realize.When you wear Johanna K. Jewelry, the universe hears your Love. For it is Love that seeks healing, it is Love that chooses awareness, and it is Love that recognizes and values what is Sacred.The crafting of each piece is a meditation upon all these things. It is a channeling of Loving Light from our Sacred Source into metal and crystal formations, conceived and born to be used and worn by You.