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Orgone Pyramids

We're offering Orgone Pyramids have a diverse selection from mini, tall and large most range from $35-$150.00 Depending of the materials! All made of clear resin, all types of metals, crystals, gems, quartz and all types of organic materials. We are local, inbox me for more info. Thanks!"What are the benefits of Orgone energy?"Some People may ask, "What are the benefits of Orgone energy?"Protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation AKA EMF EMR and EMP-Balances and enhances the biophysical energy field -Improves blood sirculation-Promotes mental clarity focus and concentration-Creates a calmer home and work environment Transmutes negative energy / assists you in keeping a positive, clear thought process-Centres and Balances your own natural energy-Helps Control mood swings -Re-aligns chakras Promotes a sense of balance and centeredness-Promotes feelings of love, joy, peace and happiness-Helps you become relaxed, harmonious, peaceful and calm-Neutralises disharmonious or negative energies-Clears negative energies of cosmic origin-Turns negative energy into positive energy-Purifies the atmosphere-Detoxifies water Expands consciousness and awareness-Enhances your awareness-visualization-intuition-psychic ability & increases spiritual growth-Rapid revitalisation of the organism-Diminishes fatigue and tiredness-Enhances physical strength and stamina-Improves sleep-Retards aging-Acts as a 24/7 passive psychic shield-Stimulates the third eye chakra improving intuition and creativity-Assists connection to the divine source-Empowers meditation and prayer-Facilitates ascension-Use as a pendulum in chakra and aura balancing-Use as a transmitter pendulum in distant healing-Use as a tuning pendulum in radionics-Use as a pendulum for radiesthesia and dowsing-Helps plants to grow better repels pests, and requires less water-Helps improve psychic sensability, and the list goes on and on$35-$150

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