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Sea Glass Pendant

Sea glass is created by harmony between all four prime elements- fire, water, earth, and air. As such, they are very balanced. The sea-green color of this stone is calming, and oriented with luck, whimsy and the vibrations of the sea.

Materials: None

Gender: Adult Genderless

Color: Grey

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Elysian Craft is a multifacted, solo-woman art operation. At the present, the bulk of my work includes crystal jewelry. My interests in Eastern philosophy and energetic healing led me to working with crystals. Beside the aesthetic value, I aim to help people uncover their own self-healing awareness by exploring the vibrational effects that stones have on them. With all of my jewelry, you will find descriptions of the stones' uses and legends surrounding them. Coming soon, Elysian Craft will expand to include ventures in visual media, poetry, and music. Stay tuned!