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Crosswind, featuring 2008 Texas Music Awards "Female Vocalist of the Year" finalist, Denise Squier has been touted as one of the hottest bands in Texas Nette Radio, Dallas, TX. The strong, soulful vocals of Squier have been compared to Ann Wilson of Heart Diane Sheets, Vocal Consulting Group, Nashville, TN and Stevie Nicks John Tenting, World Voice News, Los Angeles, CA. Her performances are packed with emotion that can raise the hair on your arms! Descriptions of live shows generally include phrases like "The place rocked!" and "They are the emotion-charged real thing", and one of the most compelling, throbbing, ...Expand text.
Caldwell, TX
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The Core released in December of 2006. It has brought Crosswind national success, led by the song "Save Me", which was released in an independent movie soundtrack. Also, the CD has brought recognition for Denise Squier, the lead ...expand text.
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