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Pavel Vodi has been making images for about 30 years. His lifelong interest in architecture is evident in many of his works, in which appear the details of doors, windows, and structures, in otherwise barren settings. Pavel takes glamour and figure themes one step further, by infusing them with a sense of emotion. The themes he captures have an understated eroticism. His work is sometimes associated with the Industrial Glamour genr, which contrasts the beauty of the human form, with a sometimes cold and inhuman industrial setting.In the creation of the Dark Matter Zone look, Pavel explains it this way:Astronomers say that maybe 80% or 90% of the universe is made up of material that can't be seen, and whose composition is unknown. This material is called dark matter. It is the perfect analogy to what I try to achieve in my work - to cast light on the part of humanity that can't be seen; that which is nontangible.