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Jeffree White's Music Projects
I'm Jeffree White, a multiinstrumentalist in various styles.

  • Hot Club of Hawthorne - gypsy jazz ala 1930s Django and more -
  • Train River -- bluegrass standards mostly --
  • Thermal Boogie -- fun rock/blues/funk cover band --

    bands in which I am a full-time member:
  • Jenny Sizzler -- 7-piece band playing half-original comedy rock and grass, half-covers of Phish, disco, more --
  • the Hillwilliams -- bluegrass ala Old and In the Way

    bands in which I sometimes play: the Yellers -- all the Grateful Dead tributes in town -- the Tree Frogs -- Funk Shui -- and more!

    I also do ...Expand text.
Portland, OR
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Train River
This is a demo montage of my bluegrass band Train River. Note, Train River has a rotating lineup, so musicians in this recording other than me will probably not be at future shows. Visit
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