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Dear FriendsThanks for visiting this website. Hope you will enjoy the collections of these Hindi Devotional Songs.Originally I composed these tunes for my friend Abe who wrote songs in Malayalam. He produced a cassette based on my tunes. I continued to compose tunes using my guitar as the basis but Abe found it hard to continue to give Malayalam words to my songs. The reason was obvious, since I grew up in North India, my tunes had the flavor of North and it was hard to dress them up with Southern language like Kerela. Now I had all these tunes but no words.This inspired me to cloth my tunes with Hindi words. The result is these two cds.Hope you will enjoy them. The words are simple but draw a deep devotion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have used authentic indian insturments like Sitar, Tabala, Dholak, Manjeera etc to bring out the original flavor. Hope you will enjoy it. Don't forget to purchase them. The proceed goes to help the poor in the village I grew up. The name of the Village is Sagar. It is in North India. Sagar means Ocean. Swar means sound. In short swar sagar means,'Sound Of Ocean'.Regards Munna (a.k.a John Johnson Kurian)