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Roving Festival FAQ
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Roving Festival FAQ
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What is the Roving Festival?
How long has the Roving Festival been around?
Where is the Roving Festival now?
Can I sell my craft, painting, pottery, or play music, perform etc.?

What is the Roving Festival?

Artopium's Roving Festival is put together by the rag-tag, guerilla urban campers, those traveling vagabonds known as the Artopium Art Troupe. The Troupe roves from town to town, planning, developiing, organizing, and promoting large urban art and music festivals along the way. These festivals help promote the work of Artopium Artist Members, allowing them to come into direct contact with the art, music, fashion, film and book buying public.

How long has the Roving Festival been around?

The Roving Festival was born in Austin, Texas and has completed 7 festivals in 7 different locations withn the city during the year 2007.

Where is the Roving Festival now?

The Troupe has currenty migrated for it's first rove to Portland, Oregon, where they are currrently planning and organizing the next series of festivals.

Can I sell my craft, painting, pottery, or play music, perform etc.?

Yes, but there are a few prerequisites. You must first sign up (it's free) to Artopium.com. Then use the form on the rovingfestival.com site to pay your booth space fee, or you may pay in person, however booth spaces reserved online are guaranteed. Read this for more information about getting your art or craft or music act, or any other performance booked for the next festival. One thing you'll want to be sure of is to add every item that you plan on selling at the festival to Artopium as a Creative Work. During the festival, an info booth will be provided for you to have potential customers purchase your works using a credit card via the Artopium website. Thsi is especially helpful for high priced items such as original works of art, where the buyer may not have that much cash on them.

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