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Artopium Artist Member FAQ
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Does it cost anything to be a member?
How do I protect my work?
Can I really make money from my art, music, fashion, film or book this way?
What do I do with my Artopium profile page URL?
What is this Share button on all of my pages?
I've got an order, now what?
I've been waiting a long time and there aren't any sales yet!
So, how do I get paid?

Does it cost anything to be a member?

It is completely free to sign up, create an account, list your works for sale and to add audio, video and image files to your creative works. Your Artopium profile page is fully funtional providing statistics of visitors, reviews, and linking to your website and myspace page and all completely for free. We take a small commission when we successfully sell one of your creative works, which is deducted automatically before payment is sent to you either via PayPal or US money order mailed through USPS. Commission fees depend upon the type of item (CD, DVD, original painting, etc.) and the price you are asking for that item, and are only charged after your work has successfully sold.

How do I protect my work?

This is an important question and would be hard to cover in a short FAQ response, but to try to summerize, the protection of the value of your art work, print or original, or mp3 music, etc. is directly related to the resolution of the files distributed. What does this mean? It means that a higher resolution (more pixels per square inch or a higher bit rate and frequency, etc.) is always more desirable than a lower resolution. As an example, if you are an artist and you would like to exhibit an image of your work online but would like to make sure that no one can print it out and distribute illegal copies, simply make sure the image is at a low enough resolution that it displays nicely on a computer monitor, yet is very pixelated when printed (this is rather simple to do). The prints you sell would then be a much higher resolution and thus higher quality then what is available on the Internet (preferably giclee prints), and if numbered and signed (as in a limited edition set) the authenticity of the work is set into place. With music, it should be obvious that people will want to listen to a higher quality CD, then a noticeably low fidelity mp3 file. Of course, there are new technologies in digital watermarking as well. Read the section "Protecting the Value of Your Work" from the "Complete Guide To Promoting Your Creative Works Online" for more information.

Can I really make money from my art, music, fashion, film or book this way?

Artopium's main service, besides driving customers to your work, is simply to provide a common gateway for all artists of all types. By placing your work next to the work of other artists, each artist has a better chance of gaining the attention of the Internet public. And by bonding many artists together into one, easy-to-browse site, makes the overall value of the work increase. Think about it this way; as a customer or art buyer, would you want to go shopping for art or music by visiting lots of small independent websites (each with their own checkout method), or to one website that lists many independent artists, with one checkout method? By thinking of your Artopium profile page as a common gateway to all of your other online data (website, myspace, etsy, deviantart pages, etc.), it provides the same function; to consolidate your information into a format that is easier to search for. All-in-all, it is best to ensure your work is proliferated throughout the Internet, by signing up to as many sites like Myspace, Etsy, Artopium and the rest as possible. The difference between Artopium and rest, however, is that it is Artopium's goal to help consolidate all of this information into one gateway. By promoting your Artopium profile page URL you will be in essence promoting all of your other pages as well, making it easier for you to promote your work online, and easier for customers to find you and purchase your work. Ultimately, the number of sales you make is up to the amount of work you are willing to put into driving traffic to your Artopium profile page, but we will help you with this as much as possible, as we want to see you succeed! Since the only method Artopium has of making money is through commissions (we rarely place ads, and if so only in the library), we are strongly motivated to see your work sell. In short, with the right effort and attitude, yes, you can definitely make money form your work. As a testament, there are many artists selling their works on Artopium right now.

What do I do with my Artopium profile page URL?

Put it everywhere! Start signing up to forums, chat rooms, social networking sites like myspace or facebook, social bookmarking sites like Digg or Twitter, and paste that URL everywhere! This is the best way to start driving traffic, and potentially customers to your work. You can cut paste code directly from your profile page from the "Link to this Page" box, found not only on your profile page but on each "Buy Now" page as well. You can also get preformatted buttons that link to your creative works as well. Be sure to read Artopium's Guide to Promoting Your Works Online for more information.

What is this Share button on all of my pages?

Use it! Use it a lot! Get others to use it! Ths is a great idea, providing a quick and simple way for anyone visiting your page to instantly add your work to many different social shopping and social bookmark websites with just a few clicks. I highly recommend signing up to Myspace, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Mixx, Kaboodle, Propeller, ThisNext, Stylehive, Reddit, and oh hell, just join as many as you can! Then go look around Artopium for other artists you like and add their pages to your social bookmarks too! Leave them a review or send them an email letting them know that you did this, or just plain ask them to do the same! Share and share alike!

I've got an order, now what?

Ship it! Confirm it! These two steps must be completed before you can get paid! And of course we don't want any upset customers, so we give you 10 days to ship it and confirm it, after which the order is automatically cancelled, assuming that it wasn't sent due to oversight or neglegence (if you need more time just contact us). After you have sent your creative work to your customer, you must log into your Artopium account and confirm the order. To do this simply click the "Pending" link on each order, then click the confirm button on the next page. If you have enabled this feature, and your customer has requested a tracking number, then you must enter this tracking number before confirming the shipment. This tracking number must be useable on the FedEx, UPS or DHL websites; in other words, be sure to ask for the type of shipping method that provides this type of tracking number. Not all shipping methods provid a tracking number that you can use on the website. You will be compensated the larger part of $18, (probably around $15 or so, depending on the type and price of the item being sold) in order to fulfill this request. If for some reason you are unable to fill an order, and you have already thought to contact us for any help, but it still seams it will be impossible to fill it, then you may also cancel an order.

I've been waiting a long time and there aren't any sales yet!

Well, think of it this way, starting out on the Internet you are just one trillionth of the content available. The idea is to seek out places on the net that are similar to you and create links. These links create a web that should focus traffic to a single, center of importance, in this case a place for your buyer to buy your art, music, fashion, film, or book, your Artopium profile page. Artopium provides you with your Artopium profile page URL, plus several other methods of copying and pasting this URL to numerous places such as MySpace, Facebook, Digg, Google, etc. What efforts have you made to create these links? You will really need to create a lot of them to truly see an impact on traffic. However, it is true that one or two well placed links on the right websites can drive a lot of traffic for you, and sometimes all it takes to get those links is to just ask! Have you read the Guide to Promoting Your Creative Works Online? It's a good place to start learning the more important skills when comes to promoting your work. If you're already getting traffic, but still no bites, is it set at the right price? Or, have you considered PPC ads to get better targeted traffic, i.e. more interested in buying your work?

So, how do I get paid?

Artopium offers two options for payments, PayPal or US money order sent via USPS. You can change your payment preference by going to the Settings page in your Artopium account. PayPal payments are sent to the email you have set as your primary email address (used for log in). US money orders are sent to the address listed on the Settings page. Payments are sent as close to the first and third mondays of the month as possible.

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