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Artopium helps to promote artists in part through Artopium's Roving FestivalSo, the true test of making sales will be your friends and family. If you cannot convince these people to buy your art or music then you might find it difficult to convince total strangers. Ask them how they felt about making the purchase. Was it hard to figure out? Did it seem expensive? Getting these answers soon from people you trust can help you avoid missing sales from people who will never tell you why they didn't purchase your Creative Works.

Getting friends and family to make the first purchases can also help start word of mouth promotion for your work as they will now have a copy of your music and when asked where they got it they can direct more buyer's to your Artopium profile page.

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Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started: An Introduction
  2. You'll Do a Little Bit of Work
  3. Getting to Know Your Audience
  4. Protecting the Value of Your Work
  5. Understanding & Using Keywords
  6. Submit Your URL to the Search Engines & Directories
  7. Getting to Know Pay Per Click Advertising
  8. How to Increase Your Link Popularity
  9. Using the Peer to Peer Networks to Your Advantage
  10. Eliciting the Help of Friends & Family
  11. Using Offline Advertising to Compliment Your Online Efforts
  12. Summary