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Artopium helps to promote artists in part through Artopium's Roving FestivalWe all know what it's like to want to be popular. Some of us even know what it's like to BE popular. You can probably think back to a time in high school (or maybe even earlier) when there was something you did really well and wanted everyone to know about it. Very likely, it was your art or craftsmanship! That you are even reading this article proves your committment to increasing your popularity, right now. And by following the suggestions outlined in this article you can quickly see your popularity increase by putting in only a little effort.

Link popularity has quickly become one of the most important factors in determining the ranking of your URL in the search engine's search results. In short, link popularity is determined by how many other websites are linking back to your Artopium profile page. On some search engines it is possible to be ranked high and thus show up on the first or second page of search results even without good link popularity, but you can forget it when it comes to Google, who in some respects has started using link popularity as its only determining factor. So, if link popularity is so important, how do you get other sites to link to your site? That's a good question and I'm glad you asked it as the answer is the crux of this entire guide to promoting your creative works online.

A good place to start increasing your link popularity would be to post to online forums and classifieds. Sign up to as many as possible and create a post with a link using your Artopium profile URL. Be sure to only visit forums or classifieds that are related to your art or music and appeal to your demographic. Also, be crafty in what you say in these posts, though, as just simply putting a link in your post may get you banned from some forums. A good idea Artopium helps to promote artists in part through Artopium's Roving Festivalwould be to create a post that asks others to check out your newest works and then come back to that forum to post a "topic reply" of those works. Most forum board adminstrators appreciate this as you are encouraging others to use their forum, not to mention most topics return to the top of the board every time there is a reply, meaning your topic is viewed more.

Another method is to find other bands of similar taste and music style whom you think would mutually benefit from a link exchange. Just write them a simple email asking them if they would like to participate in a link exchange. It is very important that you link to them first and a provide a link in the email that directs the person you are asking to the page from which you linked to them. This way they can see that you are good on your half of the deal and they will be encouraged to reciprocate by linking back to you. If you do this though be sure not to spam anyone and make the email very personal by putting their name and a few other identifying elements in the email. You can put a link to a friend's website onto your Artopium profile page simply by logging in, then inserting the HTML code into your profile comment input box.

All that really matters here is to find as many places as possible that you can put your Artopium Profile URL. Not only will this increase your link popularity, but it will also bring in new traffic from the sites from which you've placed your links. When marketing and promoting your Creative Works, creating links to increase your link popularity is the part you should spend the most time on. Make sure to go back to the forums that you have posted to and maintain those posts.

For more information on link popularity and for free software to help you gauge your current popularity, you might wish to check out these sites:
Has a great article on the subject plus free software.

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Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started: An Introduction
  2. You'll Do a Little Bit of Work
  3. Getting to Know Your Audience
  4. Protecting the Value of Your Work
  5. Understanding & Using Keywords
  6. Submit Your URL to the Search Engines & Directories
  7. Getting to Know Pay Per Click Advertising
  8. How to Increase Your Link Popularity
  9. Using the Peer to Peer Networks to Your Advantage
  10. Eliciting the Help of Friends & Family
  11. Using Offline Advertising to Compliment Your Online Efforts
  12. Summary