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Artopium helps to promote artists in part through Artopium's Roving FestivalNow, aren't you happy that you submit your Artopium URL to the search engines and Internet directories? It's so easy, wasn't it? After waiting to see that many of the search engines and directoies have accepted your Artopium profile URL (patience) you might consider augmenting your ad campaign with pay per click advertising. Your listings in the search engines and directories were mostly free to submit, but can take a long time before you see them appear, and they are loosely based upon the content of your profile page. Pay Per Click ads appear the moment you place them and immediately begin to drive traffic to your profile page based on the exact keywords you choose. Remembering your use of demographics and keywords from previous articles, you can use PPC ads to specifically target the audience that will want to buy your works.

Of all the websites that offer pay per click advertising, I only recommend using either Google AdSense or Overture Yahoo Search Marketing. Although the plethora of other sites offering pay per click advertising will indeed bring you traffic, the kind of traffic that will come to your page will not be as targeted as Google and Overture can provide. Targeted traffic is important if you are to take into consideration your ROI (Return On Investment).

ROI 101

If you are spending $100 a week on PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, then you want to know that all or most of your visitors are potential customers as well, and that the purchases they make earn more profit (return) than you spend on advertising (investment).

Most of the lesser known companies that offer PPC advertising do not have as broad a range or wide-spread reach as Google or Overture and will thus drive traffic that can be substantially less targeted. All in all, I recommend holding off from diving straight into PPC advertising until you've mastered all the other forms of marketing covered in this guide. But used wisely and in conjuction with other forms of marketing, PPC advertising can bring a substantial boost to your profits.

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Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started: An Introduction
  2. You'll Do a Little Bit of Work
  3. Getting to Know Your Audience
  4. Protecting the Value of Your Work
  5. Understanding & Using Keywords
  6. Submit Your URL to the Search Engines & Directories
  7. Getting to Know Pay Per Click Advertising
  8. How to Increase Your Link Popularity
  9. Using the Peer to Peer Networks to Your Advantage
  10. Eliciting the Help of Friends & Family
  11. Using Offline Advertising to Compliment Your Online Efforts
  12. Summary