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Artopium helps to promote artists in part through Artopium's Roving FestivalPeer to peer networks work very similar to search engines in that they rely on keywords to display search results, but those keywords are solely found in the name of the file itself. So, it should be obvious, the name you give your file will determine how effective it is as a promotional tool. If nobody has ever heard of you before, have your file names contain the names of other bands or artists that are very well known and that are similar to your music. Be sure to include your band name as well as your URL. For instance, if you're in a band named "The Scooby Doos" and you sound a lot like Sound Garden, Tool and Metallica then your mp3 file name might look like this:


It is important to not actually put any slashes in the name and instead put the word "SLASH" in it's place as the slash has significant meaning to a computer and will be interpreted incorrectly.

Some mp3 editors allow you to change file attributes such as the title and comment (you know, the info that always pops up in your media player) and it's always a good idea to get your URL in there too.

Putting your files onto the peer to peer networks is easy. Simply download and install the software for that particular peer to peer network. During the installation you will be asked which folder on your computer you would like to share from; anything that you put in this folder will be available to all the other members of the network. Simply put your files into this folder and leave your computer on and connected to the network for as long as possible (weeks if you can).

The peer to peer networks also use a form of ranking to determine your placement in the list of search results. This rank is determined by how many other computers have your exact file (not renamed or altered in any way) and are currently sharing it. So the next obvious step is to get all of your friends and family to share your files too.

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Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started: An Introduction
  2. You'll Do a Little Bit of Work
  3. Getting to Know Your Audience
  4. Protecting the Value of Your Work
  5. Understanding & Using Keywords
  6. Submit Your URL to the Search Engines & Directories
  7. Getting to Know Pay Per Click Advertising
  8. How to Increase Your Link Popularity
  9. Using the Peer to Peer Networks to Your Advantage
  10. Eliciting the Help of Friends & Family
  11. Using Offline Advertising to Compliment Your Online Efforts
  12. Summary