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Artopium helps to promote artists in part through Artopium's Roving FestivalWow. That was a lot of information. Wasn't that great? A whole new way of thinking just opened up to a proven and informed method of promoting your art, music, fashion, film or book on the Internet.

And you can be pleased to know that your new methods are simple and straight forward, a simple cut and paste of your Artopium profile URL and you will be happily surprised at the new audience that will quickly open up before you.

It's easy, isn't it? By simply making the occasional post to a forum coupled with pay per click advertising and use of the peer to peer networks, and by watching your ROI, you'll very likely be happy to gain a decent profit from the sale of your art or music, and even possibly acheive a sense of Internet popularity.

If you could get your first couple of sales through friends and family, and distribute CDs, flyers and band stickers that list your Artopium profile URL, you can start the offline word-of-mouth advertising that happily compliments your online advertising.

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Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started: An Introduction
  2. You'll Do a Little Bit of Work
  3. Getting to Know Your Audience
  4. Protecting the Value of Your Work
  5. Understanding & Using Keywords
  6. Submit Your URL to the Search Engines & Directories
  7. Getting to Know Pay Per Click Advertising
  8. How to Increase Your Link Popularity
  9. Using the Peer to Peer Networks to Your Advantage
  10. Eliciting the Help of Friends & Family
  11. Using Offline Advertising to Compliment Your Online Efforts
  12. Summary