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Artopium's Complete Guide to Promoting Your Creative Works Online
An extensive article starting from the very basics of Internet promotion to advanced marketing strategies for selling your work. Covers everything you need to know to get started, plus many links to outside sources and additional information.

Artopium's List of Search Engines and Directories
Includes all of the Major search engines and directories plus many, very popular new sites. A great place to start submitting your Artopium Profile Url!

Artopium's List of Social Networking Sites
A list of the major networking sites that are crucial to getting a foot-hold into the Internet, and a great place to start creating link popularity (as explained in the Guide to Promoting Your Creative Works).

Understanding the URL
An Artopium Library article explaining the fundamentals of the URL and the structure of the Internet, and how to effectively use that information to create HTML links directly to your Creative Works.

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