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Now of course I don't know for sure what you're experiencing, but perhaps you're feeling a little anxious right now about the idea of putting your art or music out onto the Internet. That's understandable as this is a rather large collection of links to reputable and verified URL submission pages, each of which will bring your Artopium profile page attention once your URL has been accepted. Remember, the more search engines you submit your Artopium URL to, the more attention your work will receive, and thus, the more sales you will make. And I think you're going to enjoy being surprised that after you submit your URL to the first few search engines you'll find that it's easy to go ahead and submit to all of them.

You can find more information on How to Promote Your Creative Works Online in the library. Also be sure to check out Artopium's List of Social Networking Sites for additional places to create links to your Creative Works.

It is important to note that there is a difference between a search engine and a directory, Knowing that difference can go a long way to getting your URL listed. One fundamental difference between search engines and directories is the way websites get entered into their indexes.

NOTICE: Your Artopium profile URL is automatically indexed into Google and Please do not resubmit to these sites.

Search Engines


Important Information for Submitting Your URL to the Seach Engines

Search engines will blacklist your URL from their index very quickly if you continually submit it over and over again. Submit it once and forget about it for about 6 months. Seriously, it can take that long, so just wait; it will get indexed eventually. Periodically check back to that search engine and type in keywords you know are on your page to see if it comes up. If you have not developed good link popularity for that page then there is a good chance it will not even be in the top 100 (or even 1000) results. Type in more specific keywords (like your name or the name of an artistic work/album/etc.) to see if it comes up higher in the results. Your Artopium profile page should come up on the first page in most searchs with the keywords "artopium YOUR DISPLAYNAME" with name you entered at sign-up for your Dislpay Name.

Important Information for Submitting Your URL to the Directories

All of the advice above for search engines holds just as true for directories, plus a whole lot more. Directories will only accept URLs that are submitted EXACTLY as their rules and guidelines instruct you to. For this reason, it is imperative that you READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY and follow all instructions. Each directory you visit should take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to create the listing for your link. NOT ALL THESE DIRECTORIES WILL ALLOW YOUR URL. Some have rules about linking to pages within a site, such as your Artopium profile page, and will only allow the main domain name ( to be listed. Please do not try to submit your Artopium Profile URL to these directories as it actually harms you in the long run. Directories also want concise, descriptive, and most importantly OBJECTIVE descriptions, so stay away from words like "best", "cool", "top" or any other word that might imply a judgement or bias. Also, if you are submitting your Artopium Profile URL, avoid using the word "Artopium" in your description as it will already be in the URL.