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As an artist, musician, fashion designer, author or filmmaker you can sell your Creative Works including your CDs, DVDs, original paintings, prints, clothes, hand-made jewelry, and much more! To begin, simply click here to sign up. It is free, quick and easy.

By becoming an Member and having your Creative Works indexed in Artopium's Global Artist Index you will receive all the benefits listed to the left and much more. is more than a gallery or online studio, but aspires to be a massive search engine/index, and like Google or Yahoo. is a new site (launched early 2006) and still has a long way to go to indexing the millions of artists that live around the world. In an effort to promote Artopium's fantastic features, the owner and creator of, Michael Betthauser is voyaging around the U.S. and Europe on a tour called Artopium's Roving Festival (visit, featuring local artists and bands presented on For more information, updates, current location and show itinerary, please check regularly at Artopium's Roving Festival Facebook page.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and be the first to tell your friends where they can easily find and buy your CD, DVD, Clothes, or anything else you and your great imagination has created.

Please see our help section Purchases & Shipping for more information on how transactions take place between the buyer and the seller.

Coming Soon!

Coming soon will be Radiopium, a 24/7 live internet broadcast featuring 'round the clock rotation of every mp3 file on plus live shows and djs.

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Tangible Goods Commission Starting at
$1 + 10%
See all our commission rates
10% to 30%
Tool to calculate your cut  
Ability to set the price you recieve  
Link to your website
Link to your email
Link to your multimedia files
Personal portfolio
Online shopping cart  
Easy to register, easy to use  
Ability to put your art into the Artopium Art Booth  
Rating system  
Reviews by onlookers  
Ability to sell your music
Ability to sell your fashion  
Ability to sell your video or film  
Ability to sell your original paintings  
Ability to sell your prints  
Ability to sell your books
Your product listed with other unknown sellers for fairer competition  
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