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About Us is a sole proprietor company originally founded by Mike Betthauser (a.k.a. Artopium Mike) in 2002 as an alternative means for artists to promote and connect to the Internet public. The website is staffed and operated by a group of volunteers and contract employees who are dedicated not only to maintaining the website and facilitating it's processes, but to helping to organize Artopium's Roving Festival as part of the Artopium Art Troupe.

I think you'll be pleased to find out that when you use, you are provided with an equal and fair chance to gain exposure to the Internet public. Artopium also strives to provide you with a secure environment in which you can feel safe that your art and music transactions are protected. Artopium dedicates it's effort to constantly bringing new, curious and affluent art buyers to it's independent artist community. Artopium continues to put an emphasis on promoting you and your work as well as provide you with a means to help promote yourself.

Artopium promotes the general idea that through art and music an underpriveledged or low income individual can make enough from their trade to better their lives. We are dedicated to working with local organizations that provide benefits to the less fortunate, usually for those who are currently without permenant shelter. We are dedicated to bringing opportunities to less fortunate and low income artists, and to helping communities benefit not only by the added revenue but by helping to present local art and culture in a new and unique format, allowing communities a new expression of their own identity.