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Date joined: 16 years, 9 months ago
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Based out of Montreal, Triskalia came together as an alternative band. We are honest, hard-working, high-energy Indie musicians who merge divergent musical styles that push the boundaries of traditional instrumentation to form a unique sound. It?s obvious that we love what we do. We?re a live band using a combination of many genres such as Celtic Fusion, which incorporates elements of traditional Celtic music with New Age and Pop. Triskalia?s compositions are distinctly contemporary, and the overall feel is neither Celtic nor New Age Acoustic. Celtic New Age is a hybrid of themes, musicality, and songs based on authentic form. At its core the music follows pop conventions: our compositions have a folk feel that mixes elements of rock and pop. Triskalia is a style of it?s own, a true alternative blend. Our songs are based around the themes of Myth, Magick and Mysteries and how they interact with our lives in a modern context. We invite you to discover our debut CD entitled: Myth, Magick & Mysteries

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