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The Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show originated in the winter of 2003 and debuted accordingly on WZIP 88.1 FM in Akron Ohio, the hometown of LeBron James. MaD MaXxx had not yet developed into the veteran rhyming DJ but practiced and completed his training in order to secure a summer slot on-air. After obtaining a slot, NuJam ..M3 Records C.E.O... suggested the distinct 'Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show' title due to his solo artist's unmatchable lyrical pro delivery. The idea was also to give the audience a constant tongue-twister that was somewhat fun to say & hear. Things at WZIP halted when ...Expand text.
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MaxHeat ft. MaD MaXxx
'George Clinton tripped over a Prince string part while on the way to a meeting with Tu Pac, Devo and the Tubes. But, it's definitely your own thing cuz. Clearly, there are East and West coast elements in your sound ...expand text.
UD: 5 years ago
MaxHeat ft. MaD MaXxx
With a track this hittin' and ground breaking, you have every chance break out from the norm, and start setting standards for the rest to follow. It's almost like the free jazz movement, no one thought it would catch on ...expand text.
UD: 5 years ago