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Portland, OR
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This is a hodgepodge of songs collected together that will eventually find itself organized into official albums. None of these tracks are mastered and were mostly mixed on headphones while I was living in my van, so take them with a grain of salt. My most well produced track is probably the hardcore mix of I Like Yoga Pants. This is in great part due to the help of my long time and good friend DJ Les Os (Artopium.comDj_Les_Os). I'm hoping to formulate my next project from ashes of Artopium.comdarkrabbit so if anyone is interested in collaborating please send me ...Expand text.
Updated Dec 10, 2017 05:46 am.
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This Account Created Nov 9, 2014 12:57 pm.

This is a collection of various beats I've been working on over the last couple years. They are by no means mastered or even a final mix. I put these out there mostly to inspire and possibly collaborate with other ...expand text.
UD: Nov 1
I've made available both a free download and a payable download for those who can afford it and for those who can't. Right now there's only two songs available but this will be a 5 song demo when it's finished. ...expand text.
UD: Nov 1

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