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welcome to the world of production unit xero. a place where the lines that form the concept of electronic music are blurred, warped, and reformed.


production unit xerop.u.x is ramon mills as the driving creative force; programmer, producer engineer, and all started in fall of 2001. after being in a few industrial bands in gainesville, fl, in the late 1990's, mills decided it was time to follow his own vision. taking influences from industrial, idm, and the background noise of the dieing florida rave scene, mills set out to make deep and expressive music that crosses the lines of form, ...Expand text.

austin, TX
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production unit xero
Production Unit Xero Beacon 01. Phobos 02. Melee 03. Wander 04. Temples 05. Deimos 06. Dreamspeak 07. Triaxial 08. Sidhe 09. Distance 10. Mist 2014 cOmaRecOrdz CR#75 Beacon was conceived, recorded and produced ...expand text.
UD: 6 years ago
production unit xero
production unit xero brings Heterodox Records a brilliant LPTIGER AND THE SLOTH. In these twelve tracks, production unit xero's unique vision shines in blissful dropsof precision. Sweeping and haunting melodiesreminiscent of early Detroit techno meet decaying rhythmic structures and electromagnetic ...expand text.
UD: 6 years ago