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My name is Reginald Allen, born and raised in Brunswick, Georgia on August 12, 1975. I noticed my talent when I was in headstart and the teacher gave us an image of a bunny to color. Well, after coloring the bunny, I turned the picture over and started to trace it and in just a few days later, I began to draw it as if it was a sixth sense. That's when I knew I was destined for greatness in the art world.I'm mostly a self-taught artist but I took a correspondence course when I was 18 from the International Correspondence Schools (ICS) to strengthen my talent. From then on, Unsure of myself and fear of failure, I ventured into the world of C.A.D.D. (Computer Aided Drafting & Design) and received a one year certification from Coastal Georgia Community College.The year after college was when I realized that my calling in life was in the art world. My talents specialize in oil painting, charcoal, watercolors, and turning my traditionally sketched art into computer generated masterpieces using digital painting software. Also, most of my talent deals with African American Figurative Art. I feel like GOD has given me a gift to create life on paper as my own way of self-expression on how I see the world around us. 'My journey's just begun!'